Terra Conservancy OperationsTerra Conservancy Operations
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Terra Conservancy Operations

TERRA CONSERVANCY OPERATIONS (Pty) Ltd. (TCO) is in charge of setting up the Kwa Tuli Private Game Reserve and the Central Tuli Block Game Reserve.

The objective is to create a large nature reserve in which critically endangered species such as black rhino and sable antelope can be re-introduced and start breeding.

At the same time the local communities as major stakeholders, will partner with us and will be trained to manage this area as full time employees. Concurrent TCO will support local entrepreneurs, assist in protecting local historical sites and heritage sites, and will set up anti-poaching operations in the area.

From a social point of view TCO is supporting the local day care center and is committed to build a training center for young people who wish to pursue a career in nature conservation.

The project has a run time of 15 years initially but can be extended if the objectives are being achieved. The project will be up for extension in 2030.


The Africa Experience

Koro River Camp and Koro Island Camp in Botswana

As part of our efforts to support local wildlife and people we have built two luxurious camps along the Limpopo River. Guests from all over the world can have a true Africa Experience and at the same time contribute to our goals.


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